WSS-01 — Rain Gauge

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WSS-01 RS485 Rain Gauge is a weather monitor instrument to monitor rainfall.

WSS-01 uses a tipping bucket to detect rainfall. The tipping bucket use 3D streamline shape to make sure it works smoothly and is easy to clean.

WSS-01 is designed to auto support the Dragino Weather station solution. Users just need to connect WSS-01 RS485 interface to WSC1-L.

The weather station main processor WSC1-L can auto-detect and upload the rainfall to the LoRaWAN Server. The tipping bucket of WSS-01 is adjusted to the best angle. When installation, user just needs to screw up and adjust the bottom horizontally.

WSS-01 package includes screw which can be installed to ground. If user want to install WSS-01 on pole, they can purchase WS-K2 bracket kit.