SCD18 - LoRa® GPS Tracker

SCD18 LoRa® Tracker is a device that integrates other protocols such as Bluetooth and WiFi position.

Pinging twice a day, its battery can last at least for 5 years

It can be used as an Asset management, theft protection, warehouse and inventory, livestock tracking and much more.

Different Applications

Tracking and Monitoring Heavy Equipment

Tracking or monitoring of different types of Heavy Equipment such as Trucks, Vehicles, Machines, etc..

Tracking Container

Suitable for container tracking and management in terminal and port scenarios.

Industrial Asset Tracking and Anti-Theft Protection

In addition to the GPS position, it is possible to monitor and protect against thieves due to its motion-triggered alarm and anti-tamper features.

Livestock Tracking

Using its GPS position, it is possible to track cattle by installing the device via collar.

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